Portuguese Languages Services

Translations Services
English into Portuguese and Portuguese into English
We provide Financial and Legal translations with the correct linguistic distinctions, markets and culture
according to the intended Portuguese spoken country:
Angola, Brazil, Mozambique, Portugal, Guinea-Bissau, Cape Verde, São Tomé e Príncipe.

  1. Legal Business
    Business Contracts, By-laws, Internal and External Policies, Articles of Incorporation, Service Agreement, Minutes, Tax Documents, Employment Contracts, International Property Rights, Trade Regulations...
  2. Certified Translations
    Birth certificate, Marriage Certificate, Death Certificates, Divorce Decree, Academic Transcripts, Diplomas, Medical Reports, School and Medical Excuses, Passport and ID card,...
  3. Financial
    Financial statements, Bank Statements, Data sheets, Audits, Annual and Quarterly Reports, SEC Reports, Prospectuses, Loan Applications, Income statements, Balance sheets, Profit and Loss reports, Tax Documents...
  4. Marketing
    Brochures, Catalogues, Training Materials, Press Releases, Commemorative Books and Anniversary Publications.
  5. Discounts for NGOs
    We believe deeply in the work you do: your cause is our cause. Together we can help make the world a better place, that’s why we offer you discounted rates for registered NGOs.
  6. More Services
    Proofreading Editing Localization


 Prompt Delivery

Professional Translators
You will work with a professional linguistisc with over 8 years of experience. 
We have now enough knowledge and expertise to say that we can deliver the best quality translations in these fields specialized fields.

As an added value, we can provide consultation on cultural differences (Angola,Brazil, Mozambique and Portugal) and make sure your corporate and marketing material will be adapted to local culture.

Reduced Price
When you hire me, the final price for the project is agreed on in advance. Your costs are also reduced because you are working directly with us without intermediaries.

Consistent Terminology
Once you have established a working relationship with us, you can be sure the language of the translations will always be consistent, because I will build up the necessary glossaries and translation memories specific to you and your needs.

Quality Standard
We also proudly support the Quality in Translation  striving for the best translation quality.

  1. Edmundo DeJarnette
    Atlantica Languages has been a highly-reliable partner for us-quality driven, responsive, and accurate. They provided us business and financial translations with quality and flawlessly. The documents were delivered ahead of schedule. President of SonAir
  2. John R. Lewis
    In my capacity as Engineering Manager for Oceaneering's Angola Operations (2012-2015), I required the translation of numerous documents. These documents included many technical and legal references. They were translated precisely and in a timely manner. Senior Proposals Engineer Oceaneering International
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